Friday, September 19, 2008

Week # 6 Challenge Requirement on Types of Materials

There are so many materials out there that determining what type they fall into can be a bit confusing. Use the guide below to determine which type they belong to.

  • Paints. Anything that has the word paint is considered paint.
  • Glitters. Whether in powder or liquid form (stickles, glimmer mist) is considered glitter.
  • Inks. Whether it is pigment, dye, alcohol or watermark, it's considered as ink.
  • Embossing powder. As long as it's in powder form and it embosses, it considered as embossing powder.
  • Chipboard. In any letters, numbers, shapes and size. Pre-glittered chipboard and Corrugated board are considered chipboard.
  • Stamps. This includes any type of stamped image. If you stamped and embossed, that's 2 materials.
  • Felt. In any letters, numbers, shapes and size. Pre-glittered felt is considered felt.
  • Fabric. Any embellishment made of cloth.
  • Rub-ons. Rub-ons with glitter is considered a rub-on.
  • Plastic. Acrylic, sequins, buttons and embellishments made of plastic.
  • Metal. Any embellishments made of metal such as brads, eyelets, snaps etc.
  • Ribbons. Including fibers, paper ribbons and laces.
  • Stickers. Vinyl stickers, epoxy stickers, glittered stickers, cardstock stickers
  • Paper/Cardstock - vellum quotes, self-made diecuts, pre-made diecuts and embellishments using paper/cardstock.

Paper/cardstock used for matting, framing or base is not counted. Any material used as base is not counted.Pens/markers as well as adhesives are not counted also. Chipboard and other materials used to add dimension and placed underneath an embellishment or photo (in short, something we will not see on the front view of your layout) is also not counted.

Please take note you are not limited to what we have mentioned above. The list is provided just to guide you.

To help us identify which type of materials you used in your layouts, please include them in your materials list and categorized by type. (i.e. ink - distress ink, watermark; paints - acrylic paint and crackle paint)

Questions that you might have in mind....

So ok, you may think "What if I stamped an image, embossed it with glittered embossing powder? How many types of materials did I use?"
  • Well, you stamped an image, so that's 1. You used watermark ink for embossing, that's 2. As for glitter embossing powder, it may fall under glitter or embossing powder BUT it's counted only as 1.

"What if I used a chipboard already embellished with glitter?"
  • This is counted as just 1 material which falls under chipboard. Since you didn't make it, it's counted as 1.

"What if I glittered a chipboard?"
  • This is counted as 2 materials, chipboard and glitter.
"What if I used brads and eyelets and bookplates in my layout? Is that counted as 3?"

  • That is counted as 1 because they fall under metal embellishments or materials. You may however use brads and eyelets and bookplates as many times in as many shapes and sizes as you want!
People, this is the round where you can bring out all your embellishments and use them. We can't wait to see what you'll come out with!

Note: We might not be able to answer your questions immediately during the weekend but we will try our best to be online as often as we can. We hope the above examples would help you in understanding the requirements.

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