Friday, September 19, 2008

Scrappin' Moms Idol 2 - Week #6

The time has arrived for the last week of challenge for the
Scrappin' Moms Idol 2.

One more week before we find out the TOP 10 for the Idol Finale.
One more week to prove yourselves worthy of being called, the next Scrappin' Moms Idol.

And here are the ladies who are still in the running!

Now, on to the final round challenge...

"SIX and Counting!"

Answer the Question: "Why Do I Deserve to be the Next Scrappin’ Moms Idol?"

We want you to have fun in this round with this challenge. We want to hear the lighter side of you when you answer the question. Answers can be absurd, amusing, or darn right hilarious, if you want.

Challenge Requirements:
  • Create a 12x12 Layout answering the given question
  • Use only a minimum of six (6) materials on your layout. You may repeat the same material as many times as you want. (Refer to the post below on the Materials)
  • One of the elements must be repeated AT LEAST 6 times.
    • Example: six stars; six brads; six ribbons
  • You may use AT LEAST one (1) photo in your layout
  • Use only six (6) colors in your layout. You choose your own color scheme. You must include in the write up the color palettes you used.
  • Black and white can still be used IN ADDITION to your chosen color palette
  • Photos for this challenge must not have been used in any previous layouts (both International or Local)
  • Include a write-up on your design process, the materials you used and the element you repeated.

Criteria for Judging: Originality & Creativity - 20%; Overall Design & Craftsmanship - 30%; Choice of Photo - 20%; Journal - 20%; Challenge Requirements - 10%


  • Criteria for judging will only cover the Week 6 Challenge
  • The total score from Weeks 1 – 6 will determine who enters the Grand Finale.
  • The participants with the 10 highest scores will compete in the Grand Finale, where all scores will be back to zero.
  • Weeks 1 – 5 have a weight of 15% each, and Week 6 is 25%, for a total of 100%


Please make sure you follow these reminders strictly. Some are not following the format we've indicated and it slows down the uploading process.

  • All entries must be submitted by September 25 (Thursday) on or before 10:00am
  • Email your entries to:
  • File size of each of your photos should be no larger than 300KB
  • Submit a maximum of 3 shots of your LO -- one full shot (required) and 2 detail shots (optional)
  • Include your Full Name and Title in the filename of your images when submitting your layouts:

Sample Format: Liza Bermudez - Layers of Me.jpg

  • Include Journaling, Materials List and any additional notes in the body of your email to facilitate uploading

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