Friday, August 22, 2008

Week #1 - Pick of The Week

This week, everyone wowed us with their wonderful creations! Our guest judge, Iris Uy, had a hard time choosing the best for her. But as they say, there can only be one.

The Week #1 - Pick of the Week is...


This is what Iris had to say about Yoyin's creation:

"There were a lot of outstanding entries that I felt so proud knowing that the art I was looking at was made by our own group of scrappers. I have seen a lot of work from accomplished international scrappers and I think half of them may not even be able to come up with something as creative and unique as what the Scrappin' Moms finalists have created for this round. It was very hard to pick just one set of projects. I went over and over my favorites and this scrappers work really tops it all for me. Rollyn Malig’s Party Set impressed me so much. The place holder is so charming with the air balloon and the bird, the cake topper looks so fun and really screams PARTY! The animal theme does not limit its charm to children only. The well crafted projects merit even the adult’s admiration. The final touch which is the d├ęcor balloons are stunning. Rollyn made these herself by inflating a balloon, using the shape of the balloon for the jute twine, deflating the balloon, and then placing a candle inside the shaped jute twine."