Monday, August 24, 2009

Scrapfest Layout Challenge

Just a few more days until Scrapfest 7…

Here are a few reminders especially to those participating in the Layout Challenge:

- You are required to use Three (3) photos on your layouts
- Photos should be of your self. Bring extra photos to give you an option when creating your layouts.

- Bring basic scrapbook materials like Trimmer; Adhesive (Glue/Double Sided Tape); Scissors; Ruler; Ink; Pens among others.

Full details, including the theme, of the Layout Challenge will be announced on August 29 at the start of the competition.

Unleash your creativity in the Layout Challenge and get a chance to win any of the following prizes:

1st Prize - P 2,500 worth of scrapbooking materials
2nd Prize - P 1,500 worth of scrapbooking materials
3rd Prize - P 1,000 worth of scrapbooking materials

We'll see you all on August 29 at the Makati Parks & Gardens!

1 comment:

marking said...

Question regarding pictures for challenge - are those solo pictures or can be with other people?