Sunday, August 30, 2009

Congratulations to the winners at yesterday's Scrapfest 7!

Winner - Bjay Jaminal
Runners-Up - Lee Imao, Diane Miraballes
Finalists - LG Belarmino, Candy Lagazon, Timi Mercado, Jeannie Nieva, Betchay Salustiano, Christine Tica, Helga Vergara

1st Place - Ems Fronda
2nd Place - Rowee Ortile
3rd Place - Rita Vergara

1st Place - Rowee Ortile
2nd Place - Jeanie David

A big THANK YOU to all our sponsors and suppliers for always being there for us, Scrapfest 7 would not have been possible without them --

Major Sponsor:
Visual Creations

Minor Sponsors:
Lasting Impression, Memory Lane, Studio Azul, Yellow Violet House

Suppliers: Rekindled Moments, Scrapbukan, The Scrapyard
Donors: My Little Attic and Scrapbooks Hawaii

Thanks to all who came to shop and most especially to those who participated in this year's Idol Contest and the Scrapfest Challenges -- we really appreciate all the effort that you put into it and your continued support for Scrappin' Moms activities.

For those who took pictures of yesterday's event, please feel free to upload them onto our ning site :

Congrats again to all!