Friday, August 29, 2008

Scrappin' Moms Idol 2 - Week #3

Round 2 is finished and these are the ladies who are still in the game...

Let's get them ready for the next round!

Congratulations ladies!

Here is the Week # 3 challenge...

"A Day in the Life"

Design Concept: Direction & Movement

This principle of design refers to dynamic movement through a given composition. It is like providing a sequence for the eye to follow, giving the layout or the elements more appeal as its story unfolds to the viewer.

Here are some examples:

In each layout, you can almost see an imaginary line directing your eyes from point to point. In "Pool" you can see a circular pattern leading your eye to the photos and reinforced by the arrows. In "I Blinked" there is an imaginary "z movement" leading your eye from left to right, top to bottom on the layout. And, in "Sunshine" the placement of each elements seem to move in a downward position. This started off with the bird, then the subject seemingly looking down at the title.

In this challenge, we want you to document and capture through your photos and journaling a day in your or somebody else's life, and apply the Principles of Direction and Movement in your LO.

  • How do you capture your or somebody else’s life in a day
  • Create a 12x12 layout highlighting a day in your, or somebody else’s life
  • A mixture of Colored & Black & White photos are required
  • Journaling must be visible
  • Include a write-up of how you applied Direction and Movement in your design

Criteria for Judging: Originality & Creativity – 25%, Overall Design & Craftsmanship – 25%, Choice of Photo – 20%, Journal – 20%, Challenge Requirement – 10%


  • All entries must be submitted by September 4 (Thursday) on or before 10:00am
  • Email your entries to:
  • File size of each of your photos should be no larger than 300KB
  • Submit a maximum of 3 shots of your LO -- one full shot (required) and 2 detail shots (optional)
  • Include your Full Name and Title when submitting your layouts
  • Include Journaling, Materials List and any additional notes in the body of your email to facilitate uploading


honeyyoung said...

"A mixture of Colored & Black & White photos are required"

Do we need to use more than one photo, a colored one and a b&w one?
Or is it okey if i use a single photo na b&w ang background and colored ang subject (courtesy of photoshop)? Thanks!

April Joy Lim said...


you need to use more than 1 photo as the challenge stated. you may edit your photos to have both b/w and colored properties.

honeyyoung said...

Thanks, April!

honeyyoung said...

BTW, April, if i edit one of the pictures to have both B&W and colored properties, will this then be considered as the colored photo?

April Joy Lim said...

yes, so that means you will be needing another photo na black and white lng.

honeyyoung said...

Thanks for the clarification! :-)